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4 tips to support vegan fashion

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Sure, you might be able to "wake up" overnight, but that doesn't mean you can dive headfirst into the depths of consumerism; change is a process. For that reason, we've come up with a few tips to help you make better choices day by day, starting with sustainable fashion.


1. Tip for amateurs

Think about the materials that go into making your clothes. If you buy leather, no matter how long the item may last, you're not only funding the leather industry but you're increasing the demand for leather products. Seriously, every choice counts, for better or for worse. That "they're just clothes, it's fine" attitude won't change the textile industry.


2. Tip for beginners

OK, so those trousers you love are cotton. But what about the label? Some items are manufactured almost entirely of plants or synthetic materials, but contain one or two products of animal origin, such as the leather label on a pair of jeans, pearl buttons or a fur collar. Try to avoid this as you begin your vegan fashion journey! The detail may be small, but that little label or button has cost an animal its life.


3. Tip for experts

So, what if you stop funding brands that use leather and animal testing altogether? We get it: it's hard to renounce an entire brand. But if they want your support they're going to have to clean up their act, don't you think? Even if the product you're buying is vegan, you're indirectly funding a brand that still manufactures at the expense of animals. Plus, there are brands that are 100% vegan. Choose them instead!


4. Goddess-level tip

Refusing to buy leather or products that cause animal suffering during the manufacturing process is just the beginning. What about chemical residues? And is the material recycled or recyclable? The smaller your footprint, the better. Remember, we only have one planet. There's no plan B.


So tell us, where are you at? Do you think you'll be able reach the final level? Comment your favourite vegan fashion brands below and let us know any of your own tips!

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