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Edible cosmetics

Hey! Am I delicious or what? No one can resist a good dessert, right? Now imagine it over your skin or your lover's. Our massage oils, shimmer powders and candles feel so good on the skin and on top of it, they taste amazing. Don't try to resist it, this delicious treats barely have any calories! Enjoy.


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Edible Cosmetics

p>Indulge in delectable treats lathered all over your lover’s body, and enter a realm of animalistic lust and euphoric arousal. Our edible cosmetics are best enjoyed via kissing, licking, and simply devouring!

They say that the most effective way to one’s heart is through the stomach. Now imagine using your tongue on all of your lover’s sweet spots, imbibing an intoxicating combination: their body and our delicious edible cosmetics. A heavenly combo that’ll bring both you and your partner uninhibited arousal and ultimate sexual release.

So, are you ready to enhance your pleasure? Do you crave something more daring, bold, tasty, and erotic in the bedroom? Good! Because our range of edible massage oils, intimate arousal gels, body paint and body powder, and oral sex treats will have you bending over backwards (in a good way)!

Edible Massage Oils

Did you know that there are numerous benefits to receiving a massage? It’s a huge stress-reliever, eases muscle tension, induces relaxation, and creates a closer and more intimate bond between partners. For that reason, giving your partner a massage and or having them give you one, is an excellent form of foreplay that’ll lead you to all kinds of sexual bliss.

And because we’re so passionate about erotic massage as a form of foreplay, we’ve combined two favourites to make it even more intimate: relaxation and dessert.

Our Kissable Massage Candle is so arousingly decadent not only in taste, but also aroma. It releases a gorgeous perfume scent when lit, and as you watch it melt with desire, you can begin to enjoy the taste of soft caramel and sea salt. A flavoured massage oil that’s a perfect combination of sweet and salty. Use this oil to gently glide across your partner’s body, and indulge your senses in the soft and sweet stimulation.

If it’s a more tropical sweet experience you’re after, like a hot summer’s day on the most gorgeous island, our Slow Sex Warming Massage Gel tastes like exotic coconut, making it a heavenly treat for those ready to taste it. It’s also a cheeky little number that, when applied and blown on, creates a warming effect. Surprise your lover with the scent of freshness that soon jolts them further into euphoria!

Love the idea of a sensual warming effect, but fancy a different flavour? Our Warming Massage Oil offers two more flavoured massage oils; caramel and sea salt or strawberry and honey. This sweet treat is one of our best edible massage oil products, and we’re sure you’ll love it too. The only question now is: what kind of decadence do you crave?

Intimate Arousal Gels

Transform your sexual experiences into moments of pure passion with our specially-formulated intimate arousal gels. There’s something for everyone in this Slow Sex range, and we’re dying for you to try them!

But be warned: our Slow Sex Finger Play Gel will be your new favourite masturbation lube! It not only tastes and smells like bliss, but also helps to prolong arousal, and nourishes and hydrates the skin due to the amazing properties of aloe vera.

Then, for a different sensual erogenous zone, did you know that the nipples are highly sensitive and are capable of causing intense arousal? In fact, the same part of the brain is activated during nipple stimulation as it is when the vulva is stimulated. Amazing, isn’t it?

For that reason, we’ve formulated our Slow Sex Nipple Play Gel which creates a cooling effect that has the power to intensify. This lustrous gel was made to be enjoyed by the wearer and their partner, as it’s 100 percent edible, and makes for an excellent treat during oral sex.

And anal sex enthusiasts, we’ve got something fantastic for you too! Our Slow Sex Anal Play Gel is water-based and contains three magical ingredients that help to increase elasticity while hydrating your sweet spot; arnica, chamomile, and aloe vera!

Not only that, but you can enjoy less friction, and an amazing coconut taste and aroma to enhance all of your senses during play time. Use this erotic gel with condoms and or your favourite toy, they pair effortlessly together.

And for those who want to enjoy a bit of temperature play, you’ll love our Cooling and Warming Nip Gloss. This duo pack contains two very sensual and intimate oils that can be placed on your body to create an arousing temperature change, targeting your skin's neuroreceptors. Discover which one is your favourite, and play on!

Body Paint and Body Powder

It’s hard to beat the sexual energy that accompanies arousing body paint. And for couples who want to create a lustful session of intense pleasure, we’re sure that our Poeme Body Paint will turn you into sensual lovers.

There are three delicious flavours; dark chocolate, wild strawberry, and butter caramel, all equally as erotic and mouthwatering. These body paints melt on your partner’s body as you glide up and down their sexiness, allowing you to eat up when your urges arise and you simply cannot take it any longer.

Another favourite in our edible cosmetics line is the Kissable Shimmer Body Powder which adds a light and glowing shimmer to your already-beautiful body. The best part? Your partner gets to kiss and lick it all off during your most intimate moments! Enjoy the taste of either soft caramel or strawberry, and create an experience that’s not only visually erotic, but also tastefully delicious.

Oral Sex Favourites

For those indescribable moments of fleeting passion, we have several sexual wellness products that create even more lust than ever before. Our Oral Sex Strips are so minty fresh, a paper-thin sheet that gets devoured for a transferal of cool pleasure on your lover’s sweet spot.

And our Oral Pleasure Oral Sex Lip Gloss is equally as tantalising, worn by the giver of oral to stir up a slew of cold and warm effects. Kiss, lick, tease, and please until both partners are screaming in ecstasy.

We also have Oral Pleasure Mints for a transcendent experience of erotic surprise. It’s the perfect breath freshener for those who seek a sensual thrill. Simply pop a peppermint-flavoured sugar-free mint into your mouth and make magic on your lover’s nether regions.

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