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Saktion Rose Quartz Wand

Feminine energy is a powerful thing. It gathers in our pelvic area and is directly linked to our sensitivity, creativity and sexuality. To strengthen it, let it flow and enjoy its effect, we have to allow ourselves to feel. With SAKTION natural crystal wands, you'll start a path to self-discovery through self-pleasure, enjoyment, and connection with yourself at your own pace, combining sensual pleasure and the properties of stones.


Rose quartz stimulates love on every level. Directly connected with your heart chakra, this crystal is perfect for unblocking your feelings, opening yourself to give and receive love.

Thanks to Saktion you will enjoy your sexuality and make it a continuous and sacred act of self-love.

The natural rose quartz crystal wand can be used to massage the body and awaken the senses and sensuality.

→ 100% natural Rose Quartz crystal.
→ Saktion crystal wand does not need batteries or electricity.

Discover a new way to experience your sexuality, make your orgasms last longer and fill them with meaning and pleasure with Saktion wands.

Measurements: 17x 4,3 x 4cm; 6.7x1.7x1.57inch

Content: SAKTION Natural crystal wand (rose quartz). (450g-15.8Oz.). 

  • Rose quartz and its benefits

    Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love, heart, and infinite peace. This natural
    crystal wand activates feminine energy and helps to unblock the fourth chakra (Anahata heart) and the first chakra (Muladhara root), achieving the release of negative energies and transforming them into love. Rose Quartz is a crystal that balances emotional body and sexual energy, provides warmth, well-being, and opens your heart to love and affection.

    Interested in its benefits? 

    · Activate your inner energy.
    · Open your heart chakra and discover the love in you.
    · Help you to love yourself and to love others.
    · Raise self-esteem and self-love.
    · Open your mind to understand your needs and emotions.
    · Activate the female goddess within you.
    · Align the energy of the chakras.
    · Develop patience for a conscious sexuality.


      · We recommend the use of a neutral pH lubricant for a massage with your Saktion wand.

      · If you feel that the wand is cold, you can grasp the crystal to warm it up with your hands.

      · Clean before and after use with cold or warm water; never with hot water as it could break the wand. Saktion recommends using a neutral pH soap.

    • · We recommend that you wash your crystal wand with cold or warm water before and after being used. If your wand seems too cold for you, you can warm it up with your own hands or you can sleep with it in your bed.

      · All-natural crystals can be charged energetically in different ways: you can charge with the powerful light of the full moon. with the energy of the sun, or the earth.

      · Create your sacred space: disconnect all electronic devices, find a comfortable place, clean the space with incense, play your favorite music and start feeling.

      · Meditate with your crystal wand, breathe and align the energies of your chakras, release everything that blocks you and open your heart.

      · Convey your intention to the wand and establish a deep connection with it.· 

      · Love your crystal wand, sleep with it, meditate with it, sit on top of it, use it for your rituals and enjoy the immense pleasure of it while caressing your body.


      *Color and size may vary. It is hand-shaped and made with pure rose quartz. Small imperfections in the crystal are normal due to the hand-polished process. No chemicals are used in the process.

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