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Magnifique · Bikini Chain Gold
Magnifique · Bikini Chain Gold

Magnifique · Bikini Chain Gold

Bikini-shaped body chains to wear over your sexiest lingerie or with bare skin alone.

Accessories inspired by the New York cabaret dancers of the 1920s: non-conformist, sensual and striking women...

Measurements: Waist: Min 80 cm, 31.49 in - Max 101 cm, 39.76 in. 

Content: Magnifique Bikini Chain. Available in gold color.

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Madeline E.
California, USA

The bikini chain was a little tricky to get right. Getting it on is...a complicated affair by ones self to say the least. You DEFINITELY want to have the back chain tight enough, or it will fall down awkwardly around your hips. DEFINITELY UNCLASP BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO TAKE THEM OFF AS WELL. SERIOUSLY. I tugged lightly to try to slip out of them (they were on too loosely anyways) and one of the chains broke. Because of where it broke, I was able to work some tweezer magic and get it back together again, but lesson learnedthese are very delicate.

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