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MAZE · fashionable bondage

Fashionable bondage: bedroom and instagram ready harnesses! The MAZE collection is inspired by bondage combining classic erotica with the latest catwalk trends. It promises to turn your bedroom upside down and to empower yourself! Harnesses, chokers and handcuffs that can be used in and outside your intimacy. Discover your spirit animal! This collection is 100% wild and 0% animal, PETA approved vegan. Vegan leather arrived to your life and now is conquering your bedroom too!

From $45.00 $65.00

MAZE · H Harness

From $45.00 $65.00

MAZE · Cross Cleavage Harness

From $45.00 $65.00

MAZE · X Harness

From $35.00 $45.00

MAZE · Wide Cuffs

From $40.00 $55.00

MAZE · Y Harness

From $45.00 $60.00

MAZE · Halter Bra Harness

From $45.00 $65.00

MAZE · Wide Belt and Restraints

From $30.00 $40.00

MAZE · Hand Bracelet Harness

$35.00 $45.00

MAZE · Shorts Garter

From $50.00 $75.00

MAZE · Arrow Dress Harness

$37.50 $50.00

MAZE · Back Leg Garter


Maze · Cotton Tote Bag

From $47.50 $65.00

MAZE · Multi-Way Body Harness

$35.00 $45.00

MAZE · Head harness with cat ears

$35.00 $45.00

MAZE · Suspender Belt

$37.50 $50.00

MAZE · I Harness

From $35.00 $45.00

MAZE · 8 Harness

From $30.00 $40.00

MAZE · Thin Handcuffs

From $35.00 $45.00

MAZE · Wide Choker and Leash

$35.00 $45.00

MAZE · Doble Choker

$45.00 $60.00

MAZE · T-Restraints

From $30.00 $40.00

MAZE · Cross Chest Harness


Power and essence

Maze is a tribute to the female body. An intersection between desire and seduction, transformed into a dynamic, sensual and rebellious collection. And in amongst its straps and leashes? Your body: seductive, empowered and free. Maze is a revelation. Maze is return to your wildest, most primal essence. Maze is ferocity. Maze is the perfect labyrinth to find yourself in.

Power of creation

Bijoux Indiscrets is a brand by women for women. Since 2006, it has sought to empower women with its accessories and pleasure gels. Maze was born out of a desire to rewrite the BDSM stereotype, changing it from something seen only behind closed doors into fierce accessories worn by strong and daring women.

Designed in Barcelona by Elsa Viegas, the brand’s cofounder and lead designer, Maze takes straps and leashes to a whole other level. In its essence, it takes inspiration from classic bondage—an erotic practice that involves tying, binding or restraining a sexual partner—but it has evolved to take the fashion world by storm, overflowing with options and versatility. Dazzling with bare skin, lingerie and even over clothes, Maze is a bridge between the private and the public, adapting to you, your body, curves and attitude.

The power of the collection

Maze is dynamic and multipurpose. 25 pieces that can be worn in any way you like. On bare skin, over lingerie or paired with a killer outfit.

H Harness

The hypnotic one. Inspired by classic corsets, surrender to its striking straps. Unique and special, it will look breath-taking on you.

I Harness

The suggestive one. How low does it go? Starting at your neck, it caresses your chest, stops at your abdomen and embraces your waist. Are you ready for your lover to do the same?

Halter bra harness

The perfect frame. We’ve transformed the bra as you know it. No cups, no wires, no bother. Just you looking sexy as hell. Wear one because you choose to.

Cross-cleavage harness

The warrior one. It’s as though you’ve escaped the Middle Ages to conquer your best present. You’re bold and you’re brave, just like this harness.

Y Harness

The classic one. Another Maze embrace, but this time it stops at your chest. Have you thought about what you might hook onto its gold ring? Hint: you can pull on it.

Wide choker and leash

The brave one. When we talk BDSM inspo, it’s not in vain. Do you dare to surrender to your lover? They want to play. If the answer is “yes”, make it classy.

Suspender belt for underwear and stockings

A classic, reinvented. Sensual to the core. And we’ve swapped all the lace and frills for vegan voilà! Bolder than ever before.

Thin handcuffs

An accessory for the most daring women. Apart, they are bracelets. Together, they are excitement and seduction.

Single choker

It’s time for action, not words. Complete your boldest looks and leave everyone open-mouthed. Shhh... don’t say a thing. Let the choker say it all.

Multi-way body harness

The harness with many faces. One day sexy, the next day classy. Explore the different ways to wear it and debut a new style every day.

Hand bracelet harness

The cheeky one. If the eyes are windows to the soul, the hands are a reflection of the body. What do you want yours to say about you?

Cross-chest harness

The daring one. Simple but effective. Bondage in its purest form.

Tassel choker

Let’s take it back to basics. You want to the talking to stop and the lashes to begin. We’ve got everything you need in a single accessory. How you use it is up to you.

Suspender belt

The seductive one. Your lingerie, but wilder. Never has undressing been so like raising a curtain. Let the spectacle begin!

X Harness

The elegant one. The classiest of the classy. Be dressy and daring all at the same time. It’s time to make your mark, this is your moment.

Double choker

For those who don’t want to play alone. Even if your companion is only temporary, this double choker will bond you forever in a moment of union. Whoever joins you is in for a treat. Or maybe getting up close and personal isn’t your thing? Don’t worry, you can bind your legs with it too…

Shorts garter

Something different. Lingerie is great but...what about a more urban look? If you want to take things outside, these are a must-have.

Knee cuffs 

So you never go unnoticed. The kinkiest look steps out onto the street. Festivals, dive bars, highways...We’ve taken inspiration from so many different places, you’re going to struggle to decide where to go first.

Arrow dress harness

The black-tie one. The icing on the cake for your favourite dress.  Bold, sensual and magnetic. Dress code? Flawless — clothing optional.

Wide belt and restraints

No one will see it coming. It looks like a belt, and it is, but that’s not all. This belt hides a secret, a secret that will lead you somewhere new and exciting. Hint: it turns into handcuffs and a leash. Shhh.

Head harness and cat ears

The wild one. Be a majestic feline ready to pounce. Or just purrrr whenever and wherever you like. Fancy hitting that festival? Remember: the only wild thing in Maze is you! 

8 Harness

The endless one. Enhance your curves; define your figure. Send them into a frenzy at just a glance.


Let yourself go. Hand over the reins of your pleasure to someone you trust and let them lead you to your favourite place.

Tassel flogger

Dominate caresses. Sure, it looks innocent enough, but that all depends on how badly you want to use it. Am I right?

Wide cuffs

The versatile one. They look great as bracelets, but as handcuffs they are one of a kind. Soft bondage for a very good time.

Vegan power

There is nothing sexier than going wild. And what’s wilder than you? Here at Bijoux Indiscrets we value skin — yours, that is. None of our designs are tested on animals or manufactured with animal products; Maze is no exception. The collection is made from recycled ♻ ️ and microperforated polyurethane, so it breathes and has the characteristic feel of classic leather straps. The entire collection has been certified as PETA-approved vegan. 100% wild, 0% animal.

Power and earth

Maze camel is Bijoux Indiscrets’ nod to bondage inspiration at any time of year. Festivals, Summer Time and the hottest Boho Chic. “Casual” and “daring” are two words to describe Maze camel, which was inspired by the Mohave Desert for the most authentic adventures.  Sweet home Alabama!

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